Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Run like you're being chased... a running update.

I am going to apologize in advance for this post. My thoughts are a little jumbled so this post will likely reflect that. My routine was thrown off and my workouts are reflection. I talk about a big game about getting up at 5am for the gym, but that snooze button has been getting a lot of use making for shorter and shorter workouts. One of my fitness goals is 10K steps daily and the last two weeks I've been averaging 8K at best. Another goal for April was 30 miles in 30 days and I missed it by 1.46 miles. Less than 2 miles!! Rather than pat my myself on the back and congratulate myself for almost making it, I took some time to reflect what my goals were and why I wasn't meeting them. Sabotage! I self sabotage over and over again. I can't pinpoint the exact reasoning but not allowing myself to succeed is probably pretty close. I know that sounds vague, but I'm thinking you know exactly what I mean!

No more phoning it in. Focus on meal planning (I am not counting calories or avoiding foods; the goal is to plan ahead to avoid hitting the candy jar so frequently. I'm bored with my food). Organize workout gear so I stop wearing the same four pieces. I don't need new, I need to rotate what I own. 

Firm goals:
30 miles in 30 days.
Adding core in 3-4 days a week.

Shopping at lululemon. I'm in between sizes on the skirt...I'd like to fit comfortably in the smaller size.

Thanks for stopping by.. Angie 

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