Thursday, June 5, 2014

May style recap

If you follow me on Instagram, you know how I love participating in style challenges with @hilaryrushford being a favorite. But as fun as the challenges are, I wanted to see if I could find my personal style without using a daily prompt. Would I be inspired without resorting to frantic changes as I was rushing out the door?
Overall, I did mostly okay. My style- classic prep. And stripes. Yes, I have a small obsession wearing stripes. I wore stripes twelve of the last twenty-one work days (the month of May had 21 work days).

Here's a recap by week:
Week One
Week Two. Stripes four out of five days!
Week Three. More stripes!
Week Four. Stripes only made an appearance once this week.
Look at those stripes! And also my favorite outfits for the month.


Do you find yourself gravitating to one particular color or style of clothing? I torn between embracing the pieces that I love and work with my shape- cropped pants, pencil skirts, stripes (!) and experimenting to find new styles. I'm a little of afraid of waking up one day in a closet full of beige (or in my case stripes) like Susan Sarandon's character Lavinia Kingsley in The Banger Sisters.


Monday, June 2, 2014

Pattern mixing

I feel like pattern mixing takes my wardrobe up ten notches. And as I work in a mildly conservative office with a dress code (no casual Fridays for this girl), I try to keep it office appropriate. 
So here are my mostly made up pattern mixing rules:
1. Keep the patterns similar in scale.
2. Keep the colors cohesive.
3. Keep other accessories in check. Save the statement necklaces for another day. Keep shoes neutral.

Happy mixing!