Thursday, February 28, 2013

welcome to my closet

We are officially three weeks in to the #closetremixchallenge and I feel like I am hitting my stride. Some looks were definite wins while others were just so-so or just outright fails. I am loving the challenge of rethinking clothes I already own. I have pulled out pieces I haven't worn in ages and also given new life to favorites. 

Favorites from week one:
 The first favorite is a reworked outfit; I originally paired it with printed ankle pants from Old Navy but it was just too many trends at once. A simpler pant brought the look together. 

This was a Saturday outfit for running errands. 

Week two: Valentine's Day

I hadn't worn this skirt in several years but styled with a lace peplum top, a statement necklace and printed heels made it feel fresh and new. 

And for the weekend:
I have always struggled a bit on how to style this stripped sweater from Old Navy but I love it paired it with Ann Taylor Loft 3/4 sleeve button down, skinnies and a statement necklace. And pink sparkle flats from Gap. Because every Saturday needs a little sparkle.

Week three was a good week:

Tuesday: neutrals, animal and a pop of color.
Stripes, dots and ruffles

polka dots, ruffles, bows and sparkle oh my!

Fun weekend wear. Saturday was overcast and rainy but Sunday was a perfect Florida day. Shorts in February.
It's week four and I've struggled. I have been fighting a cold all week. Monday's outfit was a total fail. It seemed to be lacking. I did like my new makeup.
I didn't even plan an outfit Tuesday. Wednesday's shoe choice was a mis-step.

Feeling better and my outfit choice shows it: 
Day 22

Twenty two days in and I think I can make it to 45 days. Stay tuned... 

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

well hello there!

So this is my blog. And I have no idea what I am doing. Stay with me, I promise to get better.  But I've decided I have something to say so here it goes!

I am a girl on a budget with a shopping problem. I love it. It's my hobby, like my only hobby. Not an addiction, there is no warm and fuzzy feeling when I make a purchase, no thrill of the pursuit; it is more of a pastime. One shared with friends and my hubby. And when she's old enough, my daughter too.

On instagram, I've been participating in a no-shopping challenger for February- #closetremixchallenge. It's brilliant, no shopping in stores, just your closet. Just the push I needed not to shop. I must admit, I've cheated. Just once. But they were a fantastic deal- Nine West Flax (normally $79) for just $20.

The challenge has made me rethink my choices. Some have been failures in need of tweaking (like this one).
But others I have loved. My looks this week have had a theme- red and pink for Valentine's Day. This is my favorite look. With a slim, ankle fit pant paired with a loose top, statement necklace and bold, hot pink heels, it is such a departure from my normal style of fitted top, boot cut pants and heels.