Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Embracing the curl....

So I have a hair is actually curly. Well, more like wavy, definitely not straight though I prefer to pretend it is straight. So I blow it out or use a straightener to tame the curls. And on days when I am pressed for time, up it goes into a sock bun or just a regular bun.

On rare occasions, I embrace the curls. Today was one of those days.  With a quick change of attachments on my trusty blow dryer, I am ready to go.

But before I turn on my trusty diffuser, it's time for product. I've tried lots of products over the years- gels, mousses, and creams. Without a doubt, my favorite is curl cream. It's like this magic marriage of gel and mousse in one product.
My newest love is this product by Suave. Yes, Suave. Well, Suave Professional to be exact. Called captivating curls, it manages to provide volume and definition without turning it crunchy.
No one wants to look like they dumped a bottle of gel in their to manage their curls and nothing is worse than a head of frizz.
And the next best part... it was less than $5!
To get the my curls soft and bouncy, I flip my hair over and apply product underneath first, scrunching as a I go. Then I flip my hair right side up and repeat. It's a process, but you go with what works. Next comes the diffuser on med heat and the medium setting. Diffuse long enough so that your hair is no longer wet, still a little damp is okay. I like to spray some hairspray for good measure and I'm good to go. All told, the process takes about five minutes.