Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Finding my way.

This irregularly scheduled fashion post is taking a little detour into Angie's random musings. Or pity party.  I'll let you be the judge.  I struggle with body image.  About ten years ago after putting on what is generally referred to the secretary spread, I went on South Beach and lost the secretary spread plus some. Through mostly healthy eating and frequent gym attendance,  I was about to maintain for a long time. Who needs Friday night happy hour...not this girl! Friday night after work is the best time to hit the gym--it's completely empty! But then I had a couple of kids.  Bye-bye gym membership. And I've struggled nto find that happy balance. I'm not one for living life on a diet. I want to eat healthy and pass that to my children.

At the beginning of the summer,  we began the process of selling our home and buying a new one. And it was stressful. And I found myself stress eating. Now that everything is said and done, I've gained close to ten pounds. I know it won't come off overnight. ..there is no quick fix. I need to cut back on the extras and work more exercise into my routine.  I know this. But meanwhile,  I'm frustrated.  And disappointed in myself.

Thanks for letting me clear my head. I've got a run scheduled for tonight. Hoping for a repeat of Friday's run (Sunday's run was not great).

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Lady in red

This 3/4 sleeve dress has to be one of my all time favorite Old Navy finds. Marked down on the clearance rack for less than $10, it's a go to piece in my closet. Look all the ways it can be styled year-round. 

I think therefore I am

I have always wanted to be a runner. I'd run here or there but I was never consistent and would shortly give it up. But the thought of being a runner is always tucked into the back of my mind. Waiting.
 For a few months, I've been been reading my friend Jenn's blog, http://runswithpugs.com/, as she chronicles her running journey.  And as I read, I started to be inspired.  To think, maybe I could do it too. And then I stopped thinking about it and then started doing. I dug out old, forgotten workout clothes, laced up my sneakers and got out there. And I love it. Sure, some days are hard. My face is tomato red and dripping with sweat, but the red, sweaty face tells me I've accomplished something.  I've taken time for myself and set obtainable goals.
Sometimes, I have a little company.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Today's #ootd

I saw these Cynthia Rowley pants at TJ Maxx a few months back and instantly wanted them. They made it as far as the register where I handed them to the cashier and said, "not today". But as fate would have it, that same cashier failed to give me one of my purchases which sent me back to the store later that night. The perfect white top I had been searching for was now lost, but these fabulous pants were coming home instead.
Now that I owned the fabulous pants, how was I going to style them? Since that fateful night, I've worn them about half a dozen times, each time tweaking the look.

Today, I think I finally got it right! Paired with a simple 3/4 sleeve sweater from Banana Republic, a gold statement necklace from Charming Charlie and gold heels from DSW, the look finally came together.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

I'm still here...

Okay so it's been a wicked long time since I've posted. Neglected doesn't even begin to describe my blog. I have lots of reasons (excuses), the biggest of course would be the recent sale of our first house and the purchase of a new home. Stresful, exhausting, trying...all that in more. Hang in there...I'll be back. And I'm adding home decorating to the blog. I think my love of decorating supersedes my love of fashion; I look forward to sharing. On a budget of course.

Stay tuned...this girl on a budget is getting ready to cheat on fashion with furniture.


Saturday, May 11, 2013

Repeat after me...

Repeat after me... I do not need new clothes. I NEED to wear the clothes I already own. Watching others post new clothing and shoes, it is easy to get caught up in the excitement. But the truth is, I own a closet full of really fabulous clothing. With that in my mind, my newest goal is to take inspiration from the postings on blogs and instagram and create similar looks using pieces already in my closet.

As the weather warms, the outfit post have started featuring more and more maxi dresses...which my mind automatically says, hey, I want one too! But wait, I actually already own one.


And look what else I own: this cool belt, sandals and bracelet. A fun, casual Saturday outfit.

Enjoy the weekend!


Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Embracing the curl....

So I have a confession....my hair is actually curly. Well, more like wavy, definitely not straight though I prefer to pretend it is straight. So I blow it out or use a straightener to tame the curls. And on days when I am pressed for time, up it goes into a sock bun or just a regular bun.

On rare occasions, I embrace the curls. Today was one of those days.  With a quick change of attachments on my trusty blow dryer, I am ready to go.

But before I turn on my trusty diffuser, it's time for product. I've tried lots of products over the years- gels, mousses, and creams. Without a doubt, my favorite is curl cream. It's like this magic marriage of gel and mousse in one product.
My newest love is this product by Suave. Yes, Suave. Well, Suave Professional to be exact. Called captivating curls, it manages to provide volume and definition without turning it crunchy.
No one wants to look like they dumped a bottle of gel in their to manage their curls and nothing is worse than a head of frizz.
And the next best part... it was less than $5!
To get the my curls soft and bouncy, I flip my hair over and apply product underneath first, scrunching as a I go. Then I flip my hair right side up and repeat. It's a process, but you go with what works. Next comes the diffuser on med heat and the medium setting. Diffuse long enough so that your hair is no longer wet, still a little damp is okay. I like to spray some hairspray for good measure and I'm good to go. All told, the process takes about five minutes.  

Monday, March 18, 2013

Making a list and checking it twice...

While shopping my closet during the #closetremixchallenge, I have discovered two things: one, I have a ton of clothes and two, I need a more focused plan for future shopping. With a limited shopping budget, I stick to the sales rack which is great for bargain shopping, bad for building a cohesive wardrobe.

To combat this problem, I have devised a new plan: making a list. I have spent the last month creating a wish list of new pieces I want to add to my closet: some new spring pieces and some great classics. 

Here's my list:
Floral ankle pants from The Limited. I've been lusting after these pants for weeks.

Drew Classic Ankle Pants

Also on my list are green pants. It might be fun to mix things up with a cropped pants for the warmer weather.
The Limited Drew Ankle Pants in Green

Slim cropped pants
Gap Slim Cropped Pants

Gap Chambray Top

Also on my want list: a basic
Chambray top like this one at Gap.

Another basic: black pants!

And summer equals dresses and skirts so a few needed to be added to the list.

Old Navy Striped Fit & Flare Dresses
Old Navy Eyelet skirt

Or maybe yellow instead of blue...

Old Navy Cropped Denim Jacket

Every girl needs a basic denim jacket and I find myself without one.

Will I be able to stick to my list? Stay tuned..... three more days of the amended 45 #closetremixchallenge to go!

Thursday, February 28, 2013

welcome to my closet

We are officially three weeks in to the #closetremixchallenge and I feel like I am hitting my stride. Some looks were definite wins while others were just so-so or just outright fails. I am loving the challenge of rethinking clothes I already own. I have pulled out pieces I haven't worn in ages and also given new life to favorites. 

Favorites from week one:
 The first favorite is a reworked outfit; I originally paired it with printed ankle pants from Old Navy but it was just too many trends at once. A simpler pant brought the look together. 

This was a Saturday outfit for running errands. 

Week two: Valentine's Day

I hadn't worn this skirt in several years but styled with a lace peplum top, a statement necklace and printed heels made it feel fresh and new. 

And for the weekend:
I have always struggled a bit on how to style this stripped sweater from Old Navy but I love it paired it with Ann Taylor Loft 3/4 sleeve button down, skinnies and a statement necklace. And pink sparkle flats from Gap. Because every Saturday needs a little sparkle.

Week three was a good week:

Tuesday: neutrals, animal and a pop of color.
Stripes, dots and ruffles

polka dots, ruffles, bows and sparkle oh my!

Fun weekend wear. Saturday was overcast and rainy but Sunday was a perfect Florida day. Shorts in February.
It's week four and I've struggled. I have been fighting a cold all week. Monday's outfit was a total fail. It seemed to be lacking. I did like my new makeup.
I didn't even plan an outfit Tuesday. Wednesday's shoe choice was a mis-step.

Feeling better and my outfit choice shows it: 
Day 22

Twenty two days in and I think I can make it to 45 days. Stay tuned... 

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

well hello there!

So this is my blog. And I have no idea what I am doing. Stay with me, I promise to get better.  But I've decided I have something to say so here it goes!

I am a girl on a budget with a shopping problem. I love it. It's my hobby, like my only hobby. Not an addiction, there is no warm and fuzzy feeling when I make a purchase, no thrill of the pursuit; it is more of a pastime. One shared with friends and my hubby. And when she's old enough, my daughter too.

On instagram, I've been participating in a no-shopping challenger for February- #closetremixchallenge. It's brilliant, no shopping in stores, just your closet. Just the push I needed not to shop. I must admit, I've cheated. Just once. But they were a fantastic deal- Nine West Flax (normally $79) for just $20.

The challenge has made me rethink my choices. Some have been failures in need of tweaking (like this one).
But others I have loved. My looks this week have had a theme- red and pink for Valentine's Day. This is my favorite look. With a slim, ankle fit pant paired with a loose top, statement necklace and bold, hot pink heels, it is such a departure from my normal style of fitted top, boot cut pants and heels.