Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The weekly recap

Continuing on with the weekly recap.....

Monday marked week 2 of #stylemeapril: Pretty in Pastels; Jungle, Tribal, Tropics; Pump up the volume; Borrowed or Thrifted; Matchy Matchy.
My closet is clearly lacking in pastels.  I was working from home so I kept it casual. I was not a fan though not doing hair or make-up may have played into my dislike of this look. I changed mid-day.
This, on the other hand, I loved. Like LOVED, LOVED.  The print is fun and the dress has POCKETS! Need I say more?
I have to admit I wasn't super crazy about this look. The necklace and the shoes seemed too matched for me. Plus, I was rushing. I would have preferred this with a jacket. It just felt like something was missing.
I have nothing thrifted and not a lot borrowed, but I really liked this look. This was a combination I'd had in my head for a few weeks and I really like how it paired together. If I were to change anything, I'd add a statement necklace. 
Can we talk about how amazing the Old Navy Pixie Pants are? They are AMAZING!!
So that was my week in nutshell. Hope you had a great week! 

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