Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Confessions a shoe-holic

As spring approached, I edited my closet and found my spring/summer selection of shoes a bit wanting. Over the last two months I have been on the hunt.  I've hit my regulars- TJ Maxx, Macy's without any real luck. But Saturday I had big plans for a trip to DSW. The nearest store isn't actually all that far, but it's in the opposite direction of most shops I frequent so it feels further away than it actually is.
We started the outing at a local pizza place. There's something about grabbing a slice and sitting at a table outside that is utterly relaxing.
Even Anna loved it!
I made a quick stop at Ulta...I want to replace my mammoth round brush but hot dang, they were $26 and didn't have a flat top (yes, my round brushes have requirements) so I decided I'd check Sally's before committing to one of the Ulta options.
And now to the main attraction: DSW! The mother ship has beckoned me home!! Upon entering, I head straight to the back. All the best deals are in the clearance racks. Only an additional 30% off the marked down price...please!  What else do they have? Ten boxes later, I piled them on the double stroller (the real reason I take it shopping) and headed to the new arrivals where I may have added a few more pairs.
And then fun begins! I retry on every pair...walk to the mirror and weigh each choice. This visit's haul- four pairs! Eek!
And now here is the justification.  I "needed" new sandals that weren't flip-flops. 

I have been eyeing Sperry's for more than a year. 

I tossed a favorite pair of wedges last year and never replaced them. 

And yellow shoes, I have no justification other than they made my heart sing.

I'm still on the hunt for floral shoes. KOHL'S has a very lovely pair but they are currently sold out in most sizes.

How do you shop? Mad, crazy haul or a pair here or there?

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  1. If we had a DSW nearby I'm sure I'm do a crazy haul!! Since we don't and I've been very particular about only buying things that I really love (and that are comfy and fit well!) I've been shopping just a pair here and there =)

    GREAT finds!! I'm really loving those sandals!!!

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