Wednesday, February 13, 2013

well hello there!

So this is my blog. And I have no idea what I am doing. Stay with me, I promise to get better.  But I've decided I have something to say so here it goes!

I am a girl on a budget with a shopping problem. I love it. It's my hobby, like my only hobby. Not an addiction, there is no warm and fuzzy feeling when I make a purchase, no thrill of the pursuit; it is more of a pastime. One shared with friends and my hubby. And when she's old enough, my daughter too.

On instagram, I've been participating in a no-shopping challenger for February- #closetremixchallenge. It's brilliant, no shopping in stores, just your closet. Just the push I needed not to shop. I must admit, I've cheated. Just once. But they were a fantastic deal- Nine West Flax (normally $79) for just $20.

The challenge has made me rethink my choices. Some have been failures in need of tweaking (like this one).
But others I have loved. My looks this week have had a theme- red and pink for Valentine's Day. This is my favorite look. With a slim, ankle fit pant paired with a loose top, statement necklace and bold, hot pink heels, it is such a departure from my normal style of fitted top, boot cut pants and heels.


  1. Your intro and description of yourself resonates with me because many times as women we lose ourselves because we fill so many other roles... Keep writing and make this part of your self rediscovery...... Follow my blog and spread the word, I will do the same for you.

    1. Thanks GlmrGrl98! Following your blog too!