Friday, February 21, 2014

January recap part 2

And here's the big question. did I do with my self imposed shopping ban? I made one purchase that one an out and  purchase- Sam & Libby metallic heels purchased for $12 from $40 at Target.
I also made a few other purchases that I feel were justified: new gym clothes on super sale from Old Navy (total purchase $40);
two pair of pants from The Limited (I used returned a few items and purchased using Limited Cash); an anchor top from Old Navy $12 and striped skirt $15. I had a coupon for $15 because I'm a loyal Old Navy customer-ha! Plus $15 off the purchase of $50 so the top was basically free and the skirt was completely free.
Did I shop: the truthful answer would have to be yes. But I'm okay with the purchases I made. I really did need new gym clothes. I mean, the last time I seriously purchased gym clothes was before my oldest was born and she starts school in the fall. It was long past time to toss those old clothes. The few purchases I made were paid for using returns and discounts. And what did I take away from the challenge? I have a lot of wonderful pieces that I am working hard to use instead of focusing on the newest item in the stores. I am looking forward to continuing remixing my current pieces and only purchase when I have an actual need.

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